Spotted in Machane Yehuda

I took a quick trip to Machane Yehuda this afternoon, and some of the things I spotted were: Saturn peaches – peaches that look like they’ve been squashed. Okra – A popular Indian an... Read More

Bagel Man

Bagels have been part of a Great Debate in Israel for as long as I can remember, which would be 1984. This quintessential Jewish food is seen as somewhat of a throwback to Eastern European Jews, and w... Read More

Pesach Menu: Meat

For some, the seder meal is served so late that you almost wish you didn’t have to eat. But once the smell of cooked meat comes wafting in from the kitchen, you can’t help yourself. Your e... Read More

Today’s Lunch: Fettuccine with Salmon

Sometimes lunch is a matter of what you have left in your pantry. Or freezer. Or both. Pasta, as a common stand-in for quick home lunches, does not have to be drowned in tomato sauce and/or cheese to... Read More


[poll id=”2″] It’s always fun to take the same ingredients and turn them into very diverse products. In my Sauteing & Frying II class, it was almost the same mise en place for ea... Read More