Pasta Basta

Anywhere you eat in Machane Yehuda is like stepping into a bubble. You sit relax and watch the bustling crowds push past in a detached way like watching a movie. It even seems to get quieter, or maybe... Read More


In the compound of the old train station in Jerusalem is a uniquely shaped restaurant. HaChatzer is a chef-owned restaurant far from the crowds on Emek Refaim and the center of town that offers a c... Read More

Kosher Restaurant Without Walls

On a Long Island City, Queens street lined with warehouses and industrial buildings in the shadow of the Queensboro Bridge, Lenchner, of Manna Catering, has opened the first kosher pop-up restaurant, ... Read More

Today’s Lunch: Cacio e Pepe

There are times when a surfeit of ingredients in a dish weave an intricate pattern of  textures and flavors on your palette in a magical gustatory experience. Each bite proffers its own unique se... Read More


There’s a restaurant nestled in the hills south of Jerusalem in a small village called Nes Harim that is worth a visit the next time you’re looking for something a little quiet, better tha... Read More

La Boca

Up a flight of thirty or so stairs on Emek Refaim is La Boca, a Latin-inpired restaurant in Jerusalem. With its comfortable, high-backed leather chairs and deep brown tables, the restaurant held the p... Read More

Sushi Bar Rechavia

Along Emek Refaim are a motley collection of restaurants ranging from fast food to haute cuisine. Sushi Bar Rechavia trends towards the higher end of the spectrum. My wife and I enjoyed a quiet dinner... Read More