The first mention of figs in the Torah doesn’t reference the fruit directly; it was the leaves from the fig tree that Adam and Chava sewed together to clothe themselves. Ostensibly, it was a fig... Read More


Limes have a short season here in Israel, and those of us on the lookout eagerly anticipate their arrival each summer.... Read More

Q&A: Meat Taste

I bought a silver tip roast from Chofetz Chaim.  It had the same ‘weird Israeli taste’ that I detect with #5 and #6.  Entrecote and brisket are fine.  Do you know what I’m talking... Read More

Kosher Gatorade Coming to Market

Pretty soon readers in the States will be able to grab a kosher Gatorade after a long workout or ball game or while slaving away in a hot kitchen. That iconic quart of electrolyte-laden thirst-quenchi... Read More