New York Style Cheesecake

There are two types of cheesecake: those that are New York Style Cheesecake, and those that want to be a New York Style Cheesecake. Here's a recipe where the only 'rich' is in the batter, not the pric... Read More

Today’s Lunch: Fettuccine with Salmon

Sometimes lunch is a matter of what you have left in your pantry. Or freezer. Or both. Pasta, as a common stand-in for quick home lunches, does not have to be drowned in tomato sauce and/or cheese to... Read More

Strawberry Preserves

It’s strawberry season in Israel. Here, in the dead of winter, these plump jewels of sweetness are piled high in the stores and in the markets. Vendors are screaming “Toot! Toot! Toot!R... Read More

Early Cooking Influences

People ask me about my background in foodservice, where I first learned how to cook. I wasn’t much different than many other cooks all over the world. I learned from the people in my life whose ... Read More

Panko Breadcrumbs

I thought I would start off this new section of the site with a simple procedure. Panko, which simply means ‘breadcrumbs’ in Japanese, are different than the breadcrumbs Western cuisines a... Read More