Preparing and Cooking a #3 Brisket

The most popular large roast in Jewish homes by far is the humble brisket. Gracing Shabbat and yom tov tables for decades, this simple, straightforward cut of meat is transformed into a savory masterp... Read More

Preparing and Cooking a #8 Shank

At the far end of the toughness spectrum for beef lies the shank. This group of muscles is in constant use throughout the life of the cow. Each muscle is sheathed in thick connective tissue. ThereR... Read More

Preparing and Cooking a #6 Petit Tender

As you browse through the meat section of your local supermarket, you’re bound to see this cut of meat. It’s kind of small, kind of a funny-shaped triangle, and not the cheapest cut of mea... Read More

Preparing and Cooking a #7 Chuck Cover

The chuck cover (#7 Michaseh HaTzlah) is a less expensive piece of meat that is usually overlooked by Americans because no one knows what to do with it. A chuck cover does just that; it covers th... Read More