This huge relative of the breadfruit and fig can weigh up to 100 pounds. Spiny and oval or oblong-shaped, the tropical jackfruit grows in parts of Africa, Brazil and Southeast Asia. When green, both its flesh and edible seeds are included in curried dishes. Ripe jackfruit has a bland, sweet flavor and is generally used for desserts. In the United States, jackfruit is only available canned.



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  1. Fresh, whole Jackfruit can be found in the United States at select Indian and Southeast Aisian markets. There are many of these markets in the southern California area that sell fresh Jackfruit. Some will let you buy a slice of Jackfruit, so you don’t have to lug home a 20 pound fruit. It’s a great alternative to meat or chicken in many dishes, with a nice texture and soft fibers. The seeds are particularly tasty, when prepared in a curry.

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