chèvre cheese

French for “goat,” chèvre is a pure white goat’s-milk cheese with a delightfully tart flavor that easily distinguishes it from other cheeses. Some of the better known chèvres include banon, Bûcheron and montrachet. “Pur chèvre” on the label ensures that the cheese is made entirely from goat’s milk; others may have the addition of cow’s milk. Chèvres can range in texture from moist and creamy to dry and semifirm. They come in a variety of shapes including cylinders, discs, cones and pyramids, and are often coated in edible ash or leaves, herbs or pepper. Store, tightly wrapped, in the refrigerator up to 2 weeks. Old chèvre takes on a sour taste and should be discarded. See also cheese; pyramide.



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