Personal Chef

Most people picture a personal chef as an exorbitant luxury reserved for the very wealthy. In reality, a personal chef can mean an extra pair of fast, skilled hands in the kitchen to help with food preparation.  A chef can help you elevate a special event with professional menu planning. A personal chef can also make your celebration effortless by taking care of your every food detail from shopping to hors d’oeuvres to dessert. A personal chef can also provide elegant meals for your family as a special occasion or healthful meals on a regular schedule. Whatever your culinary needs are, a personal chef can provide you with a wide range of professional services.

Party Preparation

The volume of food preparation for large-scale events can overwhelm a home cook, threatening to turn a festive occasion into a disaster. By hiring a professional who knows how to handle the preparation and cooking needed for large groups of people, you work alongside the chef in your kitchen, or hand the kitchen tasks over completely while handling the other details of your party.

Menu Consulting

Whether you’re adding a little something extra to your menu or wowing your guests with exotic menu offerings, your personal chef can guide you in preparing a unique, elegant dining experience as well as teach you the preparation and presentation of the dishes.

Premise Catering

If you’re hosting a party, the last thing you want is to be stuck in the kitchen while your guests are enjoying themselves without you. With a personal chef, you can leave the kitchen and enjoy your own party, leaving the food preparation and cleanup to the professional.

Personal Catering

Dinner prepared by a personal chef can be a special, upscale gift for a spouse, relative or a friend. A personal chef can also manage the nutritional needs of a household while the primary home cook is absent or unable to prepare meals. Food preparation can be done on or off premise and delivered, prepared, or served as needed.

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