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MeatMeat in Israel is a long-standing source of frustration for new olim, especially those from North America. It’s as if cows in America are somehow built with different parts, and trying to find the right piece of meat for your recipe becomes more confusing than it should be. Couple that with the now-permitted hindquarter meats, and you more than double the number of cuts available that people may never have seen or heard of before. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, they number the meat like you’re in kindergarten, making you feel that much more stupid.

Enough is enough. I present my definitive guide to buying meat in Israel.

Why the Confusion?

The US, the UK, France, the Dutch, the Koreans and the Australians all have different ways to cut meat. The difference in numbers of cuts alone is staggering. A typical American beef has about 30 different cuts of meat. Koreans have 125 different cuts from the same animal. You’ve heard the phrase “It all depends on how you slice it”? Well, it’s true.

Israel for the most part likes to follow French cuisine styles. I suppose it makes them feel more fancy. That’s why ribsteak is called “entrecôte” (lit. ‘between the rib’) more frequently than it’s called “steak ayin” or ribeye. But it’s the same cut of meat. For the most part, beef is butchered in the French style in Israel, so people familiar with US cuts won’t see things like a square cut chuck roast. That’s also changing, thanks to American style butchers and frozen beef products now coming on the market.

Israel NumberHebrew NameעבריתEnglish NamePrimalCooking MethodImage
#1Entrecote, Steak Ayin

Preparing and Cooking a #1 Rib Eye Roast
The Steak
אנטריקוטת, סטייק עיןRib, Rib eyeRibGrill, roast, stovetop
#1AVered HaTzlah

ורד הצלעChuck Eye RoastChuckRoast, grill
#1BBMechase Vered Hatzelaמכסה ורד הצלעBeef Rib Eye Cap/Cube Roll CoverRibGrill, stovetop
#2Tzlaot, Rifaan

Preparing and Cooking A #2 Chuck Roast

Cooking a Daube
צלעות, ריפעןChuck RoastChuckBraising, long cooking
#3Chazeh Bakar

Preparing and Cooking a #3 Brisket
חזה בקרBrisketBrisketSlow cooking, stewing, curing
#4Katef Mercazi

Preparing and Cooking A #4 Shoulder Roast
כתף מרכזיSilver Tip RoastForeshankPot roast, roast beef (US deli)
#5Tzli Katef

Preparing and Cooking a #5 Minute Steak Roast

Preparing and Cooking Flatiron Steaks

Preparing and Cooking #5 Minute Steaks
צלי כתףMinute Steak RoastForeshankQuick roast, grill, stovetopThe Finished Roast
#6Fillet Medumeh

Preparing and Cooking a #6 Petit Tender

Fabricating and Cooking #6 Boneless Ribs

Petit Fillet Steaks with Lime
פילה מדומהPetit TenderForeshankGrilling, stovetop, quick roast
#7Michaseh HaTzlah

Preparing and Cooking a #7 Chuck Cover
מכסה הצלעChuck CoverForeshankGrilling, stovetop
#8Shrir Kidmi

Preparing and Cooking a #8 Shank
שריר קדמיShin, ShankForeshankSlow cooking, braising, stewing
#9Asado, Kashtit

Preparing and Cooking A #9 Asado (Boneless)
London Broil
אסאדו, קשתיתShort Ribs, Plate, BellyRib PlateGrilling, braising, curing, smoking (boychn)
#10TzavarצווארNeck ClodChuckGrinding, slow cooking, stewing
#11Sinta, Motenסינטה, מותןSirloinShort loinGrilling, stovetop, quick roastPreparing and Cooking a No 11 Sinta
#12Fillet Bakarפילה בקרTenderloinShort loinGrill, stovetop, roast
#13Shaitel, Kanaf Haoketzשייטל, כנף העוקץRumpRoundGrill, stovetop
#14AvazitאווזיתTop SirloinSirloinGrill, stovetop
#15YarchaירכהThick FlankRoundRoast
Cha'ch, Pichanaצ'אךRump CapRoundRoast, braised
#17Pladah, Kislyimפלדה, כסליםFlank SteakFlankGrill, stovetop, braised
#18Shrir Achoriשריר אחוריShankRoundSlow cooking, braising, stewing
#19Rosh HaYerech (Yarcha)ראש ירכהSilversideRoundGrill, stovetop
Basar Roshבשר ראשBeef CheeksMuscleCuring, stovetop, braising
LashonלשוןTongueOrganBraising, long cooking
CavedכבדLiverOrganflame broiled
KivahקיבהTripeOrganstew, soup
MochמחBrainsOrganSaute, fry, braise
ShkeidimשקדיםSweetbreadsOrganSaute, fry
RayotריאותLungsOrganBraising, long cooking
KalayotכליותKidneysOrganBraising, long cooking
Ma’ayimמעייםIntestinesOrganStuffing, sausage making
LavlavלבלבPancreasOrganSaute, fry

Preparing and Cooking Calves' Fry
אשכיםTesticlesOrganSaute, fry, grill
SarefetסרפתDiaphramMusclegrill, stovetop
Steak ChatzaitחצאיתSkirt SteakMuscleQuick cooking, grill
Zanav Shorזנב שורOxtailMusclebraising, soup
GidimגידיםBeef TendonsOrganStew, braising
Netach Kitzavimנתח קצביםHanger SteakOrganGrill

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  1. For anyone who wants the various meat cuts– USA vs ISrael– this is a great help! I am here 20 years and now this only makes sense :)

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