Q&A: Cholent Meat

I was wondering a few things.  According to the meat chart there are several different cuts that qualify for cholent meat and goulash meat.  Which number cut is the most reasonable for a good soft c... Read More

Q&A: I Forgot To Put In The Cornstarch

I made Chinese Chicken with Brown Sauce and forgot to put in the cornstarch. So the sauce tastes great, but is really liquidy. What should I do? Should I serve it as is, or can it be fixed? We all f... Read More

Q&A: Slow Cooker

Hey Marc, I have a cooking question for you about Crock Pots: Whenever I want to make something other than chulent in the Crock Pot, i’m never sure how to do it, since most Crock Pot recipes te... Read More

Q&A: French Roast

Please can you tell me what a California/shell/French roast would be in Israel? Thank you. I looked at your chart but can’t seem to figure it out.... Read More

Q&A: Culinary Career Advice

My daughter likes to cook. She is considering a culinary career. Is this a difficult field in Israel? Are jobs available in this area ?  ... Read More