Q&A: Steaming Salmon

I have a fantastic appetizer recipe for salmon. My vegetarian daughter is coming for a visit and I’d love to make her a main dish from it. Do you have any idea how long I would have to steam a l... Read More

Q&A: Tenderizing Meat

My wife is allergic to wine, even cooked. What can I use to cook/tenderize meat? She is also allergic to tomato(products) eggplant, green peppers and potatoes. (The Israeli national diet.) Well, there... Read More

Q&A: Gamey Lamb

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Q&A: Corned Beef Questions

I am trying out your corned beef recipe for Rosh Hashanah and I have a few questions: I don’t have saltpeter… will this ruin my corned beef? I got one of those gigantic briskets, almost 4/... Read More

Q&A: Blender Devices

I need to go out and buy a blender or food processor, any suggestions of what features are must-haves? The answer isn’t a simple one, but it isn’t a hard one either. What I can tell you is... Read More