Q&A: Tin Lining Copper Pots

So what is this “re-tin” that you do to copper pots and pans? For those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about, I recently posted an article about How to Buy Pots and P... Read More

Q&A: Flank Steak

Hoping you can help. I am looking for a typical American flank steak cut. I see from your chart that should be 15 or 17. In Supersol they have a #15 but it’s quite thick and I think I want a #17... Read More

Q & A: Meat with Bones

I order meat from my son-in-law’s chavruta. He gets the meat from South America and it is usually very good. One of the items on the brochure is called Spare Rib Fingers and it is listed as #9. ... Read More