Q&A: Slow Cooker

Hey Marc, I have a cooking question for you about Crock Pots: Whenever I want to make something other than chulent in the Crock Pot, i’m never sure how to do it, since most Crock Pot recipes te... Read More

Q&A: French Roast

Please can you tell me what a California/shell/French roast would be in Israel? Thank you. I looked at your chart but can’t seem to figure it out.... Read More

Bonfire Cooking for Lag BaOmer

Lag Baomer is a night devoted to bonfires throughout Israel in celebration of the mystic light of the teachings of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. Of course, as Jews, we’ll use anything as an excuse to... Read More

Eruv Tavshilin Reminder

Just a reminder that you need to make an eruv tavshilin today so you can prepare for Shabbat on the seventh day of Pesach. For more information and the bracha in Hebrew and English, visit this link fr... Read More

Braised Whole Lamb Shoulder

Lamb is my absolute favorite meat. Its assertive, instantly recognizable flavor is one of my most favorite culinary joys. Since it’s only enjoyed on special occasions, that makes all the  more ... Read More