Hot Off the Presses

It is with tremendous pride and great pleasure that I announce Kitchen Confident – Cooking Without Reservation is now available for sale. I’m already making revisions for the second printi... Read More

An Invitation for Product Placement

As I near the completion of compiling my recipes for the Cookbook, I am asking anyone with contacts in companies that manufacture food items to reach out and let them know that their products can be f... Read More

My Grandfather’s Knives

My grandfather, Ben Lefkowitz זצ”ל, passed away in 2001. I still miss him very much, though I do get visit his kever from time to time. I never knew him as a working butcher, but I stay conne... Read More

Vacation Food Blog

There’s always something interesting cooking when I’m on vacation. Sometimes, I even get to cook it. If I remember, I might even take pictures!... Read More