Preparing and Cooking #5 Minute Steaks

Do you miss cutting into a nice piece of juicy, steak? Well, before you reach for those ridiculous hockey pucks they call “steak” in this country, or shell out a couple hundred shekels for... Read More

Preparing and Cooking #5 Flatiron Steaks

At every meat counter and in every freezer in supermarkets throughout Israel, consumers are offered the exact same cuts of meat, helpfully numbered. As I’ve discussed previously, there are many,... Read More

Preparing and Cooking a #11 Sinta

For those of us who have made aliyah, it is our first exposure to meat from the part of the beef forbidden to us by edict. It appears on menus in upscale restaurants, and is spoken of in hushed, rever... Read More

Spice Blends

In my spice class, I review close to thirty different spices. That’s about one spice every minute. And then I talk about a dozen different spice blends. And I preface everything by saying that I... Read More

Preparing and Cooking a #3 Brisket

The most popular large roast in Jewish homes by far is the humble brisket. Gracing Shabbat and yom tov tables for decades, this simple, straightforward cut of meat is transformed into a savory masterp... Read More