Nel Vino, Godimento

When my programming and culinary worlds come together, it’s always a pleasant and usually a rewarding experience. My latest client is no exception. And while it may seem like I’m shilling ... Read More

Machane Yehuda: Shlomo Mizrachi

On Rechov HaCharuv (Carob St.) in Machane Yehuda, nestled between the fish stores, is a small produce store worth seeking out. Shlomo Mizrachi doesn’t focus on stocking the usual produce you can... Read More

Q&A: Meat Taste

I bought a silver tip roast from Chofetz Chaim.  It had the same ‘weird Israeli taste’ that I detect with #5 and #6.  Entrecote and brisket are fine.  Do you know what I’m talking... Read More

Today’s Lunch: Fettuccine with Salmon

Sometimes lunch is a matter of what you have left in your pantry. Or freezer. Or both. Pasta, as a common stand-in for quick home lunches, does not have to be drowned in tomato sauce and/or cheese to... Read More

Freezing Salmon

Fresh fish beats frozen, there’s no question about it. But when you find a nice, fresh piece of fish and you’re tempted to buy more than what you’re planning to eat for the next meal... Read More