Podcast Episode 1 – Knives

In this podcast, I start from the beginning by discussing the most essential tool in a kitchen: the knife. I talk about some of the common knives found in a chef’s batterie de cuisine, as w... Read More

The Mushrooms of Merina

This past summer, the family took a vacation to a tzimmer up north in the small yishuv of Meona. During the course of our conversation with the proprietors, we learned that the husband worked in ... Read More

Video: Heston Blumenthal – Eggs

I had wanted to limit the videos on the home page to one at a time, but it seems the rest of my pumpkin recipe notes have been cleaned up to somewhere. So while I’m looking for them, (and finish... Read More

Meet Kubo, the Pitaya

Israel, as you know, has a large, arid region known as the Negev. And, as you probably know, Israel has this on-again, off-again relationship with the planet, where they mostly hate us unless we̵... Read More

Heston Blumenthal: Beef

One of the foremost culinary talents, Chef Heston Blumenthal has produced several exemplary episodes on cooking. In this series, he tackles individual ingredients. Note: This is not an official video.... Read More