A Word about Paula Deen

If you don’t already know, Paula Deen has been sacked by Food Network for her admission in a deposition that she remembered using the n-word over three decades ago in the context of being held u... Read More

Second Annual Gush Etzion Wine Festival

So here’s what most of you missed last night while you were at home being lazy. The Gush Etzion Wine Festival (have to work on the name) was held in Elazar, which at 20 minutes south of Jerusale... Read More

Shall We Play A Game?

Now that Purim is behind us, I thought I could lighten the tension of Pesach on the horizon by introducing a little fun to my site. This is one of those places where my web development and culinary wo... Read More

Hamburgers from Basar Basar

One of the many roles I play as a chef is that of consultant. Usually, it’s fielding questions about cooking times and methods, or recipe substitutions. I’m happy to oblige, turning some q... Read More

Happy Birthday Julia!

Today, August 15, would have been Julia Child’s one hundredth birthday. Thank you for your inestimable legacy and continued inspiration. À vôtre santé!... Read More