Kitchen Chemistry: pH and Leavening

There are a number of cookbook authors out there that are popular with the kosher kitchen crowd. I hesitate to disparage them publicly, because I certainly don’t want to invite criticism of my a... Read More

Kitchen Math and Recipe Conversions

Me and math don’t get along too good. So, in my junior year of college, we came to an agreement of sorts; I will try to use math as little as possible in my life, and math will try not to totall... Read More

What is a “Flavor Profile”?

If you watch cooking shows or read other cooking blogs, you’ve probably come across the term flavor profile. Was it defined, or did the writer simply assume you knew what they were talking about... Read More

Kashering Liver

Of all the organ meats, liver is the most popular. Don’t ask me why. But, as the organ responsible for filtering blood, there are certain steps you need to take to make it edible, since we aren... Read More

Basic Cooking Technique: Braising

A reintroduction to a standard cooking technique that reminds us the old, delicious way that food used to be. And we'll even learn to put some modern techno-wizardry to good use. ... Read More

Basic Cooking Technique: Grilling

It seems simple enough: take a piece of meat, put it on a grill over an open flame, turn it, and off comes a delicious steak, chicken breast or some such thing. And yet somehow, you always wind up wit... Read More

Boning a Lamb Shoulder

Thanks to modern food processing technology, all the fun has been taken out of buying meat. In Israel, as you’re aware, you can buy meat by the numbers. It comes frozen, shrink-wrapped and as un... Read More