An Invitation for Product Placement

As I near the completion of compiling my recipes for the Cookbook, I am asking anyone with contacts in companies that manufacture food items to reach out and let them know that their products can be featured in my cookbook.

There are two levels for commercial backers available.

The first is to list your company in the Resources section of the cookbook. By backing my cookbook project at this level, everyone who receives a copy of my cookbook will find the name, addresses and digital information of your company, along with a QR code that will take them to your website. For more information, click on the link and look for Shameless Self-Promotion

If you would like your ingredient featured prominently throughout the cookbook, you can back my project as a major sponsor. I will develop recipes using your products, and refer to your products prominently, as well as list you in the Resources section. I will only be accepting a maximum of six commercial sponsors. For more information click on the link and look for You Scratch My Back…



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