Into the Abyss: Culinart Kosher Cookbook Volume 1

Yes, I’m finally getting my act together and getting this cookbook printed. So I figured, as long as I am giving myself way too much work to do, (in addition to my son’s upcoming wedding) why don’t I blog about it, you know, just to drive myself completely off the cliff?

It’s for you! I do it for you!

Step Zero: Funding

As you might have seen on my various social media accounts, I have chosen to crowdfund the project through Indiegogo. The funding aside from giving me, you know, funding, will help me gauge the popularity of the concept. I’m going to publish it no matter what, you can be sure of that. But that means I need you, my faithful readers, to help spread the word far and wide to help get this project launched.

Now, as my graphic designer alter ego, I’m coming up with design and layout ideas that I believe will make the book different enough that it will become your go-to cookbook. First, you’re going to want to write in it. I mean I want you to take notes on the variations you make to the recipes, and a record of when you serve a particular dish. That means no glossy paper. And like I wrote in the funding campaign, no photos.

Look, it doesn’t make sense to me to have them in my book in the first place. Pictures in cookbooks are unrealistic. Literally. There is a photography subgenre called food styling that is the art of presenting food at its scrumptious best. They use techniques like shoe polish for turkey glaze. On a raw turkey. Which certainly makes it look amazing in a photo, but impossible to replicate in an edible format. I’m not knocking the people whose art form this is, but I’m not having it in the book.

I’m also working on which sections I plan to include in the cookbook. But I’m having trouble keeping everything organized uniformly. I want to group appetizers by presentation, dressings by cuisine, split meat fish and poultry, and make vegetables and starches separate. Now that might seem wacky and all over the place at first, but when you read why I chose to do it this way, I promise it will become very logical and clear.

There is an educational component that I feel like I need to include. I did it for the kids’ classes, progressing from simple techniques to more complex ones. Which is why chocolate chip cookies followed meatballs. Ah, you see? You’re already starting to get me.

Once I sort out the basic structure of the book, then it’s on to choosing recipes. And the first ones I’m picking are the ones for those of you who redeemed the secret perk.

Until next time.



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