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Hoping you can help.
I am looking for a typical American flank steak cut. I see from your chart that should be 15 or 17. In Supersol they have a #15 but it’s quite thick and I think I want a #17, but they said they don’t get those.

Any idea if a #15 will work with a marinade and grilling recipe? It looks too thick to grill nicely whole. Alternatively, any idea where I can get a #17? I suppose I need a specialty butcher.

Technically yes, 17 is the correct number for the actual flank steak cut, but those cuts of meat are not typically kosher. What the Jews use is plate, which comes from #9.

Now for the confusion. #9 is called asado, which usually refers to the flanken (see where we get it? Flanken/flank) bones. There is however a piece of plate that comes with some frozen packaged asado. I’ve gotten it myself – it’s on my post about the #9 cut, and I also discuss it as a London Broil.

With respect to the #15, I would have to see it for myself before I could tell you definitively what it is. Please let me know which Supersol carries it. If you do get it, you can marinade it and then grill it until the outside is done, then pop it in the oven and test it with either a thermometer or your finger. If you’re planning on cooking it for Shabbat, remember that it goes back on the plata and so can cook a bit longer. You would have to ask your local butcher if he could source it for you.

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