Top Ten Reasons Why Food is Better Than Computers

I’m venting my frustration at the recent demise of my main computer. Most of my data is saved and intact, but I’m limping, I won’t lie, until I can resurrect it. At least this experience is getting me back in touch with my Linux side.

10. Everyone needs to eat. Not everyone needs a computer.
9. You can’t eat a computer.
8. Side dishes are cheap. Peripherals are expensive.
7. You can only waste time on food as long as you have it on your plate. On a computer, you can waste a whole day.
6. Food has eloquent, delicious names. Computers have names like “MYSTUPIDPC” or “BUZZLIGHTYEAR”.
5. You can eat and drink near food.
4. Food might give you indigestion. Computers will give you an error message that can lead to a migrane. Or a concussion.
3. When you leave your leftovers on the bus, it’s no big deal. When you lose a file you’ve been working on for three hours, it’s a huge deal.
2. You can use a computer to research new recipes. You can’t use food to debug a program.
1. You know the food on your plate is already dead. You never know when your computer is going to die.



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