And The Award Goes To…

For my Level 2 cooking class, we’ve started a points-based competition. The kids asked me if they could get medals at the end of the year. It sounded reasonable enough, so I started to do some research on eBay to see what was out there.

What I ended up with exceeded every expectation. If you are ever in the market for awards, start with these folks.

The class only has six students, so it wasn’t going to be a big order. And while I’m not a big fan of “participation” awards, by the end of the year these kids will have learned five recipes from five different cuisines, five general recipes, and we’re going to have a restaurant at the end of the year. So there’s going to be a first place, second place, and four completion award. I’m okay with that. But now I had to find a supplier that was okay with that.

Through my various search recombinations, I found expressmedals1 on eBay. And the exact medals I was looking for. They were metal (not plastic), they were blank so I could design the award face as a sticker, and the price was below reasonable expectation. They even spun, so I could make them double-sided! I contacted the seller about my annoyingly small order, (1 gold, 1 silver, 4 bronze, 1 gold ribbon, 1 blue ribbon, 4 blue/white ribbons). Not only were they accommodating to every last detail, they shipped it before we had actually settled on the difference for international shipping (which again was reasonable), and I received the item ten days later. And everything was perfect.

Having worked in retail for many years, I never underestimate the value of positive customer feedback.

Look for the final designs on Facebook.



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