Today’s Lunch: Grilled Avocado with Grapefruit

Rummaging through our kitchen, I started looking for things to make for lunch. I grabbed an avocado, a grapefruit, and then reached for my cast iron griddle. Because grilling makes things better.

[amazonify]B00008GKDQ:right[/amazonify]I have a cast iron griddle that I use for fish and dairy, So I thought I’d just have some fun and grill what I’d found. Grilling avocado gives it a bit of a smoky note. I threw the grape cluster onto the grill so that the sugars would intensify a little. I wound up not grilling the grapefruit, rather cutting it up into small squares. I split a chile pepper and diced that up brunoise, and then sliced some Bulgarit cheese. All very California.

I’ve been thinking about the flavor profile of dishes that I prepare. I’m actually writing a post about it. So this lunch’s flavor profile is creamy, sweet, citrus tart, juicy, crumbly, salty, spicy, & smoky. Not bad for four ingredients.

I didn’t revolutionize lunchtime, but at least I’m not hungry anymore. And apparently, I’m learning the value of sunlight for my photos.



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