Cleaning Your Cutting Board

A while ago, I was reminded of a technique for cleaning cutting boards that I once knew. Ever since, I’ve been meaning to write a post about it. While this article isn’t going to make you drool with desire or reveal some wondrous cooking technique, it will give you proof that your cutting board will look brand new in five minutes.

And it’s my first attempt at a time lapse video. Smile for the camera, baby!

The big secret: all it takes is bleach. I used Clorox, but it just as easily could have been no-frills bleach that I frequently use to refill the empty bottle. I sprayed the board liberally and let it sit. That’s it. I reapplied some to a stubborn patch, but that was because I got impatient. Professional kitchens will have a small garbage can with a solution of bleach in it so cutting boards can soak overnight.

Then I reduced the entire time it took down to 48 seconds, because this is the Internet, after all. And, you get 30 points in Captain Up for watching it.




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