Preparing and Cooking a #5 Minute Steak Roast

When perusing the meat section for your holiday roast, you’ll come across a piece of meat that’s as long as your forearm, as thick as your palm on one end, and as thin as your finger on the other. It’s going to cost more than the brisket you were thinking about, but less than a boneless rib roast. Go ahead and grab one, and let’s make something delicious.

Of course, in the rest of the civilized world, this is a cheap cut of meat.

The minute steak roast, or blade roast, comes from the upper foreleg of the beef. This piece, of meat, along with the petite tender (#6) and silver tip roast (#4), make up the three muscles that are the upper foreleg of the beef.

When preparing a minute steak roast, it’s all about the trimming. The connective tissue that surrounds the roast has to be removed or the roast will shrink up into a meatball.

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