Website Catastrophe… Averted

Okay so you may have noticed that things just got a little wacky on the site, especially in the recipe section. Well blame my web developer alter ego and a WordPress plugin that acted stupidly I made act stupidly. There was what we call in programming parlance some “data corruption.” Or in layman’s terms, “OMG WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY SITE??!?”

Well, thanks to the rapid and superlative efforts of my amazing friend and web hosting guru Sruli, owner of Also Networks, he restored from backups in less time than it takes to burn toast. All I may have to do is recreate one recipe and one article, and he thinks he’ll be able to get those for me from the trashed database. So when you ask me if I back up my site, my answer is, “I don’t have to; Sruli does it for me.”

If you have a website, or manage a website, or work for a company that has a website, I can offer no higher recommendation than Also Networks for web hosting. Baruch Hashem I haven’t had a catastrophe like this in years, and it really wasn’t that tremendous at the end of the day, but I was close to flipping out, and he handled it with a speed and an almost nonchalant calm that I defy you to find at GoDaddy, BlueHost, Digital Ocean or any other hosting company on the planet.

So when you’re handing a data crisis at three in the morning because you stuck with someone cheaper, bigger, or because you were too lazy to switch, don’t blame me.

Now, back to cooking.



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