gravlaxSo I’m on a curing and preserving kick. Mostly so I can make a frankfurter that is palatable, but I’m not quite there yet. So far you’ve read my review of Charcuterie, but I haven’t posted any recipes derived from that book, or the other book I have yet to review.

While some curing recipes call for complicated procedures and hard to acquire ingredients, I thought I’d share a relatively easy, popular, and inexpensive recipe for gravlax.

The names are related; “lox” is Yiddish for salmon, “laks” is Norwegian for salmon.

Gravlax (and lox) is salmon that’s been cured with a salt and sugar mixture. Traditionally, it’s flavored with dill, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add some more interesting flavors.



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  1. not really. I have made it wrapped in saran wrap with minimal weight on top and it still came out nice and tasty

  2. Marcelline Block The 'brick' in the photo is a dead computer backup battery.

    It doesn't have to be bone-crushingly heavy, but it has to be heavy enough to force the liquid out of the salmon.

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