Kosher Cooking Carnival – Elul 5773

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome all my first time visitors. In the last month of the Jewish year, we take one final opportunity to set our past misdeeds aside, to commit ourselves to a better way of serving Hashem and treating our friends and neighbors. It is a time for solemn introspection on the year that was, and quiet contemplation on the year that will be.

And then we’ll sit down and gorge ourselves for three days.


Yisrael Medad at MyRightWord reviews Food in Ancient Judah: Domestic Cooking in the Time of the Hebrew Bible, and aspects of cooking gleaned from the Bible.
Read the review here.

HaDassah Sabo Milner at her eponymous blog offers us a recipe for a delicious Cinnamon Bun Cake.
Get the recipe here.

And if gluten-free is your game, Kvetching Editor Chaviva Gordon-Bennett gives us a variant that’s easy on the insides.
Get the recipe here.

Batya Medad from Me-Ander offers us three items for this month:
Simply Delicious – her method for cooking vegetables, as she says, simple and delicious.
Challot Were a Success and a Prayer – Batya’s method and recipe for a pull-apart challah.
Grabbing a Sandwich at The “Holy Bagel”

Yesha Settler (a.k.a. Devo K) gives us a delicious recipe for Meatball-stuffed Garlic Monkey Bread
Get the recipe here.

For those of us who like to spice things up, Chaviva Karon presents Red Hot Chili Sauce posted at Challah Maidel.
Get the recipe here.

Enjoy Fresh Corn Fritters from Israeli Kitchen
Get the recipe here.

After a hiatus (I know the feeling), Margo from The Kosher Blogger jumps back in with a recipe for Sweet and Spicy Chicken Skewers
Get the recipe here.

Enjoy Dinner in Venice with Alessandra’s mouth-watering Ciambellini with Wine and Olive Oil
Get the recipe here.

Sarah from Food, Words & Photos reminds us that even when great recipes don’t come out so great, you can still repurpose the results into something tasty. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Trifle, for instance.
Get the recipe here.

Who doesn’t love to sink their teeth into a delicious juicy burger, especially during the summertime? Grilling burgers is one of the quintessential activities of summer, and everyone can enjoy one – even the vegetarians. Alaina Moore from gives us 30 of the Greatest Blogs Highlighting Burger Recipes for All Tastes
Read more here.

And finally, though not specifically kosher, I found a resource that I’m going to start referencing more myself, because I hate when my photos make good food look lousy. Jenn Cuisine presents her collection of Food Photography Tutorials.

If you want to join us next time, submit your entry via blog carnival kosher food posts, whether recipes, reviews, customs, kosher food news or halachik (Jewish Law) posts as soon as posted. Also, hosts are always needed for this monthly kosher cooking carnival. For information contact Batya, shilohmuse at gmail dot com, or check out the KCC facebook group.

Next month, Batya will be hosting the Kosher Cooking Carnival.



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