Q&A: Blender Devices

I need to go out and buy a blender or food processor, any suggestions of what features are must-haves?

The answer isn’t a simple one, but it isn’t a hard one either. What I can tell you is that it’s a long one.

There isn’t one tool that is going to process food for you in all the ways you want it to be done.


Food Mill

A food mill purees things like vegetables and such. The filter out seeds, pits and other undesirables. They’re a bit of a throwback to last century, but they don’t short out, overheat, etc. meaning they’re not vulnerable to modernization. Oh, and they’re dirt cheap. But you need to be willing to crank that thing until you have what you want. I have one of these for meat. I rarely use it.


Stand Blender

Great for smoothies, butter, milkshakes, and that’s about it. Anything you put in a blender is liquified, even at lower settings. I have one for dairy, and use it for all of the above.


Immersion Blender

Ahh, now we’re talking: compact, versatile, portable… and very dangerous! An immersion blender is a terrific tool for the kitchen. I’ve spoken about them before. I have one for dairy and one for pareve, and I use them extensively. With a little practice, you can get consistencies from rough chop to smooth puree. But make no mistake: there are no safeties on it. Those blades will wreak havoc on anything they touch, or that touches them.


Food Processor

Here you have everything you need; power, safety, convenience. And it all comes at a price. No, I mean it, these things cost money. And you get what you pay for, so the cheaper ones will be the cheaper ones. Get something a little more than you thought you wanted to spend, and if you want to go nuts, get the Robot Coupe on the right. Yes, it’s a thousand dollars. And it will last you forever.



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  1. For my 2 cents the only machine worth buying is the Vita Mix> It does everything, every time, has a brilliant warranty and never wers out> Yes its the cost of a home down payment, but worth its weight in gold!

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