Shabbat Menu for May 24, 2013

Culinart Kosher Weekly Shabbat Menu

Shabbat Menu for May 24, 2013

Orders for Shabbat will be accepted until Thursday at 11AM. Order early!

Shabbat Vegetable Platters
Market-fresh sliced fruits arranged on a platter and ready for your Shabbat table.

Medium Fruit Platter — ₪75 per platter, serves 8-10

Large Fruit Platter — ₪90 per platter, serves 18-20

Shabbat Vegetable Platters
Crisp, fresh seasonal vegetables beautifully arranged on a platter for an Oneg Shabbat, kiddush, or a refreshing appetizer.

Medium Vegetable Platter — ₪70 per platter, serves 8-10

Large Vegetable Platter — ₪90 per platter, serves 18-20

Vegetable platters come with your choice of one dip: Swiss Chard Dip, Herb and Garlic Dip, Sun Dried Tomato Chummus, Roasted Red Pepper Chummus, Black Bean Chummus, Spicy Butternut Squash Coulis, Fresh Roasted Tomato Dip, Ginger Carrot Dip, Dijon Mustard and Date Honey Dip, or White Bean Dip.
Additional dips may be purchased for ₪15 per half-liter.

Shabbat Catering Menu


Chilled Citrus Melon Soup
Refreshingly chilled fruit soup with melon, orange, and lemon.
VeganGluten Free

₪35.00 per liter

Mulligatawny Soup
This classic Indian soup combines apples, chicken, potatoes, curry and coconut milk.
MeatSpicyContains Nuts

₪40.00 per liter


Beef Roulade
Tender beef fillet marinated with garlic, herbs and olive oil, stuffed with mushrooms and oven-roasted.

₪25.00 per portion

Holy Moses Hot Sauce Chicken Wings
Twelve of the hottest wings you’ll ever eat! Made with my own brand of hot sauce.
Extra SpicyMeatGluten Free

₪29.90 per portion


Roasted Corn and Black Bean Salsa
Roasted sweet corn kernels, black beans, red onion, cilantro and fresh hot pepper.
VeganExtra SpicyGluten FreeOlive Oil

₪20.00 per 1/2 liter

Black Lentil Pasta Salad
Lentils du Puy with farfale pasta, red onions, black olives, golden raisins, fresh thyme and a rice wine viniagrette.

₪19.90 per 1/2 liter

Main Dishes

Southern Fried Chicken
Four pieces of crispy chicken fried golden brown.
Contains WheatEggsMeat

₪49.00 per portion

Poached Chicken Breast in White Wine
Delicately poached chicken breast served with a white wine and tarragon sauce and roasted green grapes
Contains SoyMeat

₪34.90 per portion

Fillet of Beef with Potatoes, Artichokes and Cherry Tomatoes
Garlic and shallot marinated fillet of beef with roasted new potatoes, artichoke hearts and cherry tomatoes.

₪49.90 per portion

Side Dishes

Pepperonata Tricolore
Strips of roasted marinated bell peppers in three vibrant colors.

₪24.90 per 1 liter pan

Roasted Herbed Potatoes
Roasted red potatoes with fresh herbs.
VeganGluten FreeOlive Oil

₪19.90 per 1 liter pan


Fruit Salad
A refreshing mix of market-fresh seasonal fruits. Made fresh.
PareveVeganGluten Free

₪12.00 per liter

Extras, Deliveries and Ordering

Knife Sharpening
Knife sharpening is now available.

₪20.00 per blade

Cellophane Gift Wrapping
Sending a platter as a gift to your host? Add a touch of flair!

₪10.00 per platter


Chicken Stock
Frozen chicken stock to enrich soups and sauces.

₪12.90 per 500ml

Holy Moses Hot Sauce – Original
My own brand of hot sauce. Ur Kasdim hot. Kivshon HaEsh hot.

₪25.00 per 100 mililiters

Holy Moses Hot Sauce – Habañero Limited
This habañero sauce is about as hot as it gets.

₪40.00 per 100 mililiters

100% Ethiopian Dark Roast Coffee
Small-batch dark roasted coffee. Whole beans only.

₪14.90 per 100 grams

Cheesecloth – Loose Weave
Loose weave white cotton cheesecloth. Unfinished edges. 60cm x 60cm.

₪15.00 per cloth

Beef Stock
Frozen beef stock to enrich soups and sauces.

₪14.90 per 500ml

Lamb Stock
Frozen lamb stock to enrich soups and sauces.

₪19.90 per 500ml

Fish Stock
Frozen white fish stock to enhance soups and sauces

₪19.90 per 500ml

Holy Moses Hot Sauce – Serrano Limited
Made from fresh serrano chiles. Limited availability.

₪32.90 per 100ml

Holy Moses Hot Sauce – Jalapeño Limited
Jade green and full of heat.

₪32.90 per 100ml

Please pick up your order before 4PM Friday. Please place your orders by 11:00AM Thursday to guarantee availability. Call 02-991-9443 or email

We deliver! Have your order brought to your door. Only ₪15 for delivery.

Don’t see what you like? Don’t worry… we’re full-service! Email me and I’ll send you a quote.

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