Preparing and Cooking a #6 Petit Tender

Petite TenderAs you browse through the meat section of your local supermarket, you’re bound to see this cut of meat. It’s kind of small, kind of a funny-shaped triangle, and not the cheapest cut of meat in the store, either. One is certainly not enough to feed a hungry family of eight (you’ll want a #3 for that), but for you, your significant other and another couple or maybe as a special treat for your older kids, grab a couple of these cuts and throw them in the cart. Choose the longer, thinner ones.

This cut of meat comes from the shoulder, so it isn’t the most tender cut of meat, but it doesn’t have to be potted for hours either. Marinating it will certainly improve the tenderness, but I’m not afraid having to chew it just a little bit, either.

These go into a hot oven, 240°C (465°F) for 25 minutes, uncovered. When your timer goes off, pull them out of the oven immediately. Turn off the oven. Let them rest, uncovered, uncut and untouched for seven to ten minutes. Then, roll them in tin foil and put them back into the cooling oven for at least ten minutes.

When serving, cut medallions about two fingers thick; you should be cutting directly in between the loops of twine you used to tie it up. I would figure 400 grams per portion, which means an average fillet serves three to four people. These two fillets served six adults and a bunch of kids, and there were a couple of medallions that were almost leftovers.




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