London Broil

The Methods

On the grill, a London broil is outstanding. Get the grill temperature up to 205°C (400°F). Put the meat onto the grill but watch for the initial flare-up. This is from the oil in the marinade.

This might look fun and manly, but it’s actually dangerous and does nothing to improve the flavor of the meat. After the photo I yanked it out of the flames and kept the meat out of flare-ups while cooking it.

Cook the meat for 1-2 minutes per side, until the internal temperature registers 49°C (120°F). That’s right, forget the grill marks and keep flipping the meat over and over. Keep the cover on between flips. You want to keep it moving so it doesn’t dry out. And keep it out of direct flames.

Okay, so you can still make the grill marks.

Under a broiler, position the rack about 20cm (8″) from the elements, the second or third rack position. Broil on each side for six-to eight minutes, until the internal temperature registers 49°C (120°F). Cooking times depend on size, thickness oven and so on.

Let the meat rest for five to eight minutes, then slice thinly against the grain to serve. Serve it with a side salsa or sauce. Or just plain.



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