Matzah Brei Two Ways

Yes, that's our kosher for Pesach pizza cutter.

There is nothing more basic in the Pesach cooking répertoire than matzah brei. It is nothing trickier than a matzah Italian frittata (or Spanish tortilla, or Chinese egg foo yung, or French omelette), or simply a matzah and egg combination fried on both sides. It can be enjoyed sweet with breakfast jam or savory with mushrooms, butter and salt, or fried salami. It can be eaten hot or cold, and you can even use it as the “bread” for a day trip sandwich.

If this is your first exposure to the simple pleasure of matzah brei, I encourage you to make it the next time you cook. My recipe specifically calls for soaking it for three minutes. That makes it soft enough to eat without dissolving into putty.

Basic Matzah Brei

The basic recipe is matzah and eggs. Beyond that, your creativity is limited by your imagination. Chopped vegetables, chopped dried fruits, really anything that you can think of, since the basic recipe is so neutral.

Next, a family favorite: Matzah Pizza Mush. Once you’ve gotten the technique down and can make your matzah brei flawlessly, here’s a recipe that throws all that hard work out the window.



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