Matzah Brei Two Ways

Matzah Pizza Mush

This is one of those recipes born out of a happy accident. On the last page, I showed you a clear, easy and foolproof way to flip a whole matzah brei. Well, if the flipping goes horribly awry, then you get mush. If you happen to be cooking it with sauce and cheese, well then you get Matzah Pizza Mush.

If you want, simply stop when you get to the melted cheese section, and you’ll have a decent replacement for pizza. Melting cheese and sauce on a matzah board just never did it for me.




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    1. There is a guy on the outside on Agrippas between the covered and uncovered section. He has stringy long white hair, and sells soap, beezwax honey, and he’s got these cans of truffles.

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