Pesach Menu: Meat

For some, the seder meal is served so late that you almost wish you didn’t have to eat. But once the smell of cooked meat comes wafting in from the kitchen, you can’t help yourself. Your eyes glaze over, and you start to salivate.

Personally, I love carving the meat in the kitchen while everyone’s finishing up soup or appetizers. It means I get to taste it first…

The Shulchan Aruch Orach Chayim (476:2) states that eating roast meat at the seder is a location-based custom (minhag hamakom). It expressly forbids eating a whole roast lamb (nose to toes) because the original korban Pesach was spit-roasted in a fire pit, and one shouldn’t give the impression that they’re eating a korban Pesach. If it’s roasted then cooked, then it’s permissible.

We eat braised meat at our seder, so I’m posting these recipes. If they don’t follow your minhag, save them for during the year; they’re still delicious.


This is the simplest way to serve delicious meat to a large crowd of people. Brisket isn’t a fussy meat, there’s lean and fatty, it’s one of the cheapest cuts available, and it’s fairly forgiving as far as cooking times go.

Chuck Roast

The recipe for preparing a chuck roast can be found in this post. No this isn’t a cop out. This is how the Internet works; with links.

What, I gotta type it out again for youse?

Braised Rack of Lamb

There is no doubt that this cut of meat is a splurge for many households, but if you’re looking for a stunning dish to honor your seder table and your family with, you couldn’t do better.

Tongue Polonaise

For those of you who are squeamish about organ meat, I put this recipe at the end so you wouldn’t have to scroll past it. However, for anyone who outright refuses to eat it you are truly missing out on one of the most delightful cuts of meat available. It is soft, succulent, with a fairly delicate flavor, which is enhanced by pickling. Yes, peeling it is kind of weird, but nothing is going to make you sick and nothing is going to “taste you back” either.



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  1. Thanks for making me hungry..if you are doing the lamb I am booking my ticket now…also loved the organ meat part.

  2. Thanks for making me hungry..if you are doing the lamb I am booking my ticket now…also loved the organ meat part.

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