No butter? Have a blender?

There’s a butter shortage  in Israel. I know, who would’ve thought?

Luckily, the technology for making butter predates the technology in the checkout line by a few thousand years. But before you hit eBay for a butter churn, try this for some fresh, homemade butter using a little boost from that miracle of modern food science, the blender.

What you’ll need:

  • 3% milk
  • 38% cream
  • Dairy blender
  • Spoon
  • Cheesecloth or fine dairy strainer

Pour equal parts or milk and cream into the blender. Blend.

When it gets too thick and there is no longer a vortex, shut off the blender. Mix the contents of the blender with a spoon. Remove spoon. Turn blender on again.

Keep repeating the previous step for about ten minutes. At some point, the magic will happen and the butterfat will congeal. The blending will turn from a thick liquid into a thin one that sloshes up and down the sides of the blender (make sure your blender’s cover is secure, or get a rag because you didn’t read ahead). The butter will be in the center, floating on top. Let it whip for another minute.

Pour the blender contents through a strainer or cheesecloth into a cup or bowl. Gently squeeze the butter to release the remaining milk. Put the butter into a covered container, coffee cup or butter crock.

Use the milk for your coffee, buttermilk pancakes, or Béchamel sauce so there is zero waste.



3 thoughts on “No butter? Have a blender?”

    1. You would add salt to the mix, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It messes with salt proportions in recipes. It’s best to add it yourself to taste.

      Cheesecloth is ironically, “bahd Gaza” בד גזה. You can use soup bags or even a small pillowcase. I have cheesecloth from America.

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