Sourdough Bread

There is one cookbook on my shelf that I’ve had for years which is quickly becoming my go-to book for never fail recipes, which surprises me because I have many other cookbooks that are either more specialized or more comprehensive. This recipe is adapted from that book – which I will write about at a future date – and proofed using my foolproof proof box.

Oh. My. Gawd.

This loaf started at a measly 3 cups of flour. It measures 35cm long.

The bread nearly tripled in volume in the same time I expected it to double, and when I formed it for its second rise, it took much less time than expected. It was not only ginormous, but held its shape beautifully and came out of the oven looking like a perfect loaf of rustic sourdough. This bread begged for anything to be spread on it or be eaten with: butter, jam, veggies, chocolate spread, cheese. I behaved though, and didn’t indulge to that extent; I simply enjoyed the bread with Tomato Soup.

Some of the other sourdough recipe proportions that I’ve tried make sure that the sour tang is very pronounced. While I like the way the sour flavor fills my mouth, I thought that the addition of instant yeast to this recipe balanced the sour flavor nicely and definitely added to the volume of this monstrous loaf. It might not be a true “starter-only” sourdough, but so far the recipes that only call for starter as a leavening agent have fallen flat. And the truth is, if you chew your food, it tastes plenty tangy. And the best part is that it only takes three hours to make, not three days.

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