Herbed Salad Croûtons

Years ago, nothing would go to waste in the kitchen. Food was either too expensive or too scarce. The food industry changed all that. Now not only can you get everything imaginable in a box or bag, but you can get several varieties from several different companies. And much of it tastes like the bags they come in.

Making your own food from scratch give you an amazing sense of accomplishment. When the smallest preparation results in more than you need, you can either eat it over and over again, share it with friends, or throw it away, which would be a real loss and somewhat de-motivational to continue experimenting in the kitchen.

Alternatively, you can turn your leftovers into something different. By repurposing your leftovers, you can enjoy your handmade creations long after their initial incarnation is gone.

Baking bread is very soul-satisfying, both to make and to eat. After all your hard work – even if you use a mixer – it’s a shame to throw out half a loaf if it goes uneaten after a day or two. Making croûtons is a simple way to reuse your unconsumed bread, while serving as a reminder that salad is good for you, too.

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