Tempura Batter

Posted January 27, 2010 by Marc Gottlieb
This is a light batter for deep-frying vegetables and proteins such as chicken and fish that gives a gentle crunch while letting the flavor of the product come through. Serve with a dipping sauce or a selection of sauces.

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  • Prep Time : 5 min
  • Ready Time : 5 min


2 cups


  • 240 milliliters cold
  • 130 1451s
  • 60 1451s
  • 30 1451s toasted
  • 1/2 1467


1)Combine ingredients in a bowl. Chill batter until ready to use.

2)Dip chicken, fish, mushrooms, carrots, onions, blanched cauliflower, blanched broccoli in batter. Allow excess to drip back into bowl.

3)Deep fry in oil 350°F (175°C) rotating every 3 minutes until browned and bubbling slows.

4)Remove from oil and place on tin or plate lined with paper towels, or turn onto drip rack.