What is a “Flavor Profile”?

If you watch cooking shows or read other cooking blogs, you’ve probably come across the term flavor profile. Was it defined, or did the writer simply assume you knew what they were talking about... Read More

Today’s Lunch: Red Beans and Rice

In Louisiana, Red Beans and Rice are typical Monday lunch dish. The intention is to use the leftover meat bones from Sunday dinner to flavor the beans for Monday. I actually cooked the beans beforehan... Read More

Comparative Gastronomy

I’ve always been fascinated with similarities found in techniques and dishes in cuisines from around the world. The fact that these similarities even exist, stretched across continents from one ... Read More

Cleaning Your Cutting Board

A while ago, I was reminded of a technique for cleaning cutting boards that I once knew. Ever since, I’ve been meaning to write a post about it. While this article isn’t going to make you ... Read More

Garlic Paste

Garlic, the same garlic that the Jews pined for in the desert, is an ever-present ingredient in any decent kitchen’s pantry. I say pantry and not refrigerator because, if you’ve ever seen ... Read More

Quick Bites: Barley Risotto

Dinner one night a couple of weeks ago was a barley risotto cooked with red wine (Merlot), with sauteed onions and mushrooms, diced pumpkin and seared portobello mushrooms. The chiffonade is Melissa... Read More