Restaurant Review: Meet & Meat

Tucked away — quite literally — in the Modiin industrial park, is Meet & Meat, a restaurant my wife and I visited recently. It had gotten good reviews elsewhere, so we decided to have a taste ... Read More

Restaurant Review: Pepito’s

There are few restaurants that I enjoy so much that I would be willing to be fleishig for at 11:15 in the morning. Actually, there’s only one. It is my go-to restaurant when I’m in the cen... Read More

Quince Jelly

Turning a humble, inedible fruit into a sublime confit known as quince jelly.... Read More

Preparing and Cooking a Rump Cap

The toughest part of this cut was figuring out what it was. After all, the majority of my experience has been briskets and ribeye, right? Part of the trouble was my US prejudice. There is no US equiva... Read More

Q&A: Flank Steak

Hoping you can help. I am looking for a typical American flank steak cut. I see from your chart that should be 15 or 17. In Supersol they have a #15 but it’s quite thick and I think I want a #17... Read More