Kosher Gatorade Coming to Market

Pretty soon readers in the States will be able to grab a kosher Gatorade after a long workout or ball game or while slaving away in a hot kitchen. That iconic quart of electrolyte-laden thirst-quenchi... Read More


I’ve spoken about this in my Herbs & Spices class: cilantro is a love/hate flavor profile. Unless you’re a reformed hater. Like I am. And you can be, too. I don’t make it a habit... Read More

The Omelet

I thought I’d repay your kindness and forbearance these last couple of weeks with a classic rendition of how to make an omelet. Now, I know you’ve seen it a hundred times on the internet... Read More

Croquette or Burger? Neither.

I made the kids my mother’s recipe for salmon croquettes yesterday afternoon. Well, I thought I was making it for the kids. Turns out, only one likes them, but it was apparently enough for my mo... Read More