The Spaghettis

At the far end of Mamilla, opposite the Old City walls, you will find The Spaghettis. Billed as an Italian dairy kosher mehadrin restaurant, we had the pleasure of dining out with friends there recent... Read More

Butternut Squash

The harbinger of winter vegetable season has arrived again. Butternut squash is available at seasonal prices again. I like butternut squash more than the other squash varieties mainly because theyR... Read More

Recipes Page Fixed

Sorry about the mess on the website.. Upgrades, cobbler’s children.. Anyway, the recipes navigation link now connects you to an index of all the recipes posted on the site. I also got around to ... Read More

No butter? Have a blender?

Sometimes, things are ridiculously simple in the kitchen. Making fresh butter is one of them. Learn how to fight the butter shortage with this quick tutorial on how to make your own butter.... Read More

Master Chef Final Not Kosher

Observant and traditional Jews were startled this week to discover they were sifted out of participating as audience members and judges for Channel 2 television’s “Master Chef” cook... Read More


There’s a street not far from Ben Yehudah Street in Jerusalem where several very trendy, upscale restaurants can be found. Among them sits Gabriel. We had heard several positive reviews from fri... Read More