Working with Frozen Fish

Working with frozen fish isn't as bad as you think it might be. With a little preparation, you can make frozen fish taste almost as good as fresh. Almost.... Read More

Liquid Smoke Demystified

Smoke as a flavor profile element has already made its comeback; chefs who appreciate the nuances that smoke brings to a dish use it in all sorts of inventive ways. It touches a primeval cooking memor... Read More

And The Award Goes To…

For my Level 2 cooking class, we’ve started a points-based competition. The kids asked me if they could get medals at the end of the year. It sounded reasonable enough, so I started to do some r... Read More

Garlic Knots

Sometimes I like cooking because I can replicate foods that I remember from my childhood. And that comes in handy when living in our blessed land. Take, for instance, your average pizza shop in Isra... Read More

Podcast Episode 1 – Knives

In this podcast, I start from the beginning by discussing the most essential tool in a kitchen: the knife. I talk about some of the common knives found in a chef’s batterie de cuisine, as w... Read More

Three Pastas

In my first year cooking class, I teach the kids how to make fresh pasta, and finish it as Fettuccine Alfredo. Using the extra dough from the last class, I amused myself with making some alternate pas... Read More