Fabricating and Cooking #6 Boneless Ribs

The general shape of a cow hasn’t changed since Creation. After a while though, it gets boring eating the same thing the same way millennium after millennium. So butchers and chefs have looked f... Read More

Cooking a Daube

Daube is French for pot roast. Well, no it isn’t, it’s French for stew. But a stew has small pieces of meat, like boeuf bourguignon and a daube is a whole piece of meat. Right? This should... Read More

My Grandfather’s Knives

My grandfather, Ben Lefkowitz זצ”ל, passed away in 2001. I still miss him very much, though I do get visit his kever from time to time. I never knew him as a working butcher, but I stay conne... Read More

Introducing the Sausage Fat Calculator

So you’re interested in making sausages. You’ve got everything you need all laid out, and you’re checking over the recipe. It says that you should use meat that’s 75% meat and ... Read More

Q&A: Tin Lining Copper Pots

So what is this “re-tin” that you do to copper pots and pans? For those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about, I recently posted an article about How to Buy Pots and P... Read More

How to Buy Pots and Pans

If you’re replacing your posts and pans with more frequency than you think is reasonable, it’s probably because you’re not buying them with quality in mind. Stop that. In your kitche... Read More