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The common English name for fish belonging to the family Triglidae. These marine fish, which sometimes swim near the surface and make a grunting or croaking noise, are also called crooner, croonack, gowdie, and in North America sea robin. They also have fins that allow them to crawl around on the ocean bottom. Most of the species used for food are found in warmer waters in the Atlantic and Mediterranean, although there are a few gunard species in the Pacific. The gunard’s flesh is white, firm and lowfat, which makes it appropriate for frying, baking or poaching. See also fish.

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Hebrew English Spice Chart


Spices are at the core of our faith. A daily offering of no fewer than eleven spices were burned on the golden altar in the Mishkan and Beit HaMikdash. Spices fueled the circumnavigation of the globe. Over the years, the use of spices in cooking has shifted from masking the unpleasant taste of meat going bad […]

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