Quick Bites: Hot Sauce Pulled Chicken

It was bound to happen, you know. This pulled chicken kick I'm on, tons of hot sauce in the fridge, and a particularly astute Related Articles plugin and whammo! Pulled chicken Nirvana.... Read More

Garlic Knots

Sometimes I like cooking because I can replicate foods that I remember from my childhood. And that comes in handy when living in our blessed land. Take, for instance, your average pizza shop in Isra... Read More

Three Pastas

In my first year cooking class, I teach the kids how to make fresh pasta, and finish it as Fettuccine Alfredo. Using the extra dough from the last class, I amused myself with making some alternate pas... Read More

Quick Bites: Barley Risotto

Dinner one night a couple of weeks ago was a barley risotto cooked with red wine (Merlot), with sauteed onions and mushrooms, diced pumpkin and seared portobello mushrooms. The chiffonade is Melissa... Read More

Quick Bites: Polenta

I’m surprised I’ve never written about polenta before, but maybe that’s because when I’ve made it the reaction I’ve gotten in the house was a little less than positive. A... Read More