Working with Frozen Fish

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Liquid Smoke Demystified

Smoke as a flavor profile element has already made its comeback; chefs who appreciate the nuances that smoke brings to a dish use it in all sorts of inventive ways. It touches a primeval cooking memor... Read More

Garlic Paste

Garlic, the same garlic that the Jews pined for in the desert, is an ever-present ingredient in any decent kitchen’s pantry. I say pantry and not refrigerator because, if you’ve ever seen ... Read More

Preparing and Cooking a #1 Rib Eye Roast

There she is, in all her beefy glory, the queen mother of roasts, the rib eye roast. I wrote an article about The Steak previously, but the whole roast from which rib eye steaks come is in a class... Read More

Preparing and Cooking #5 Minute Steaks

Do you miss cutting into a nice piece of juicy, steak? Well, before you reach for those ridiculous hockey pucks they call “steak” in this country, or shell out a couple hundred shekels for... Read More

Preparing and Cooking #5 Flatiron Steaks

At every meat counter and in every freezer in supermarkets throughout Israel, consumers are offered the exact same cuts of meat, helpfully numbered. As I’ve discussed previously, there are many,... Read More